Wild Animals Rescue & Veterinary care Team

Since the forests are located in close proximity of urban habitations, there are instances of straying out of wild animals like Sambar, Neelgai, Monkey, Snakes etc. to the nearby human settlements. The department makes effort to capture them and release them back in forest areas/Wildlife Sanctuary of Chandigarh. At times, these animals come across speeding vehicle and results in fatal accidents. Since the department has a 24×7 Wildlife Rescue Squad operating in the department, these cases on many times handled very promptly to mitigate/minimum the problem.

Well skilled Frontline staff involved in a variety of activities like protection, interpretation restraining of animals with right kind of equipment so that minimum damage is caused to animal in capturing and later releasing back into the wild with the proper use of Net Throwing Guns, Tranquilizer guns, transport cages, traps, snake capturing rods and their proper use.

To reduce man wildlife conflict, a 24X7 Wildlife Rescue Squad is operational in the Department. The Squad act promptly and attends to any such call and rescue the wildlife in distress or entering human habitation area. Snakes, Monkeys etc entering human habitation are rescued and released back in the Wildlife Sanctuary area. During this period, many wild animals like Snakes, Monkeys, Sambhar, Nilgai and other wild animals have been rescued by the department. The protection of forest has been further stepped up by keeping a strict vigil on any illegal activities in the area.

Helpline Nos. for public in case of Wild Animal i.e. Monkey & Snake etc. in UT Chandigarh