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About Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary (WLS)

Sukhna wildlife sanctuary is located in the Shivalik foothills of Chandigarh city near Sukhna lake and is spread over an area of 2600 hectares. The Shivalik region along with the adjoining plains have come under heavy thrust of human pressure due to commercial, industrial and economic activities.

The Sukhna WLS was created out from the Reserved Forests of Chandigarh UT for the purpose of protecting, propagating and developing wildlife and its environment. Sukhna WLS on Chandigarh’s periphery which augment the ecological, environmental and aesthetic richness of the city beautiful.

It is home to 40 tree species, 18 shrub varieties, 10 species of climbers, 28 kind of herbs and 16 species of grasses besides some bamboo and palms. It also harbours a wide variety of wild fauna and has more than 15 species of mammals, 133 species of birds including aquatic birds, 27 species of butterflies besides at least 7 species of reptiles reported.