Flora & Fauna

Large number of water holes, grazing grounds and good plantations including natural regeneration of indigenous species provide an ideal habitat for the wildlife in the Sanctuary. The flora & fauna found in Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary are :



Sukhna WLS falls under Indo-Gangetic Bio-geographical Zone which form an ecologically fragile ecosystem, yet it is rich in terms of diversity of its flora and fauna. It has been classified as Northern Tropical Dry Deciduous Forests due to extreme dryness of conglomerates during lean and summer seasons which support the forests. Sukhna WLS is bestowed with a wide variety of trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses and climbers. It has 40 tree species, 18 shrub varieties (like Khair, Semul, Kikar, Neem, Shishum, Dhak, Lasura, Kendu, Ber, Karipatta, Nirgundi, Karaunda, Vasaka, Moonj, Rati etc), 10 species of climbers, 28 kind of herbs and 16 species of grasses(such as Saccharum munja, Eulaliopsisbinnata, Apludamutica, Heteropogoncontortus, Cymbopogon parkeri, etc) besides some bamboo and palms.


It also harbours a wide variety of wild fauna and has more than 15 species of mammals, 133 species of birds including aquatic birds, 27 species of butterflies besides at least 7 species of reptiles reported. Sukhna Lake attracts huge flock of migratory birds each year; the vicinity of Wildlife Sanctuary provides breeding ground to some.

The Sanctuary supports & is abode to a significant population of mammals & birds such as Sambhar, Neel Gai, Jungle Cat, Jackals, stray dogs, , Wild Boar, Porcupine, Mongoose, small Mongoose, Indian Palm Civet, Pangolin, Common Langur, Rhesus Monkey, Peacock, Grey Partridge, Kingfisher, Parrots, Doves, Jacanas & few jackals besides sizeable population of snakes and butterflies. The seasonal choes are also believed to harbor small population of fish, frog & toads.