Tourist zone entry

There are two entry gates to the Sanctuary i.e. Kansal gate and Nepli gate. The route to Kansal gate is via ‘Khuda Alisher’ village or ‘Kaimbwala’ village of U.T. Chandigarh. The route to Nepli gate is via ‘Suketri’ village of Haryana.

As per the carrying capacity of Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary, maximum 200 persons can visit the Sanctuary everyday. So the permit for maximum 100 persons can be issued for Nepli and 100 persons for Kansal forests. The e-permits are issued on first come first basis. 

There are 12 watchtowers across the sanctuary, apart from three rest houses; one at Nepli, the Nepli Inspection Hut) and two at Kansal, (the Kansal Log Hut and Kansal Inspection Hut). Hideouts and visits to watch towers for affording wildlife viewing.

Tourists can go boating along the Nepli Inspection Hut and Kansal Log Hut which are near water bodies. There are four nature trails, the longest one being the one that stretches from the Nepli Inspection Hut to the Kansal Log Hut. This eight kms-long trail ranges over three hillocks and has a steep gradient. Tourism zone will cover 15-20 % of the sanctuary area. Remaining area will be wilderness zone with limited or no access to tourist. The best time to visit the Sanctuary is between October and March, and visits are allowed between sunrise and sunset only.

Wildlife tourism is restricted to only e-permit holders. One can visit the sanctuary from sunrise to sunset. No visitor is allowed to stay inside the sanctuary during night. The sanctuary remains open on Saturday and Sundays also. Canteen cum souvenir shop & public conveniences in the Parking area near the gates.