1. Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary should be opened for visitors throughout the year except Holi and Diwali and during breeding season to be decided by the management.
  2. Entry to the Wilderness Zone should be allowed only to the permit holders issued by the CWLW or authorized officer. However, E-permit be issued to the visitors at the Entry Gates for visiting Tourism / Ecotourism Zone along with the locally registered Tourist or Nature Guides. 
  3. The speed of the vehicles inside the WLS will not exceed 10 Kms. per hour. The WLS can be visited between sunrise to sunset and no night stay inside will be allowed in the wilderness zone. However, visit and stay at Hideouts and WatchTowers for viewing wildlife at night within the Tourism Zone when accompanied by registered tourist or nature guides to be allowed by the authorities so defined by/or CWLW.
  4. Trekking on foot will be allowed only on identified nature trails either in the organized trekking events by the Department or when accompanied by the registered Tourist Guides.
  5. Shouting,blowing of horn or making any other kind of noise is prohibited.
  6. Carrying of arms/ weapons inside the WLS is a punishable offence. 
  7. Dogs/ pets are styrictly not allowed inside the WLS.
  8. Use of spot/ search light, flash on cameras is restricted.
  9. Carrying of liquor, cigarettes and lighters are not allowed.
  10. Not littering of plastic bags, mineral water bottles, wrappers, plastic glasses, cold drink bottles etc shall be done inside the WLS. However, dustbins blending with nature may be provided at appropriate locations.
  11. Tourists be advised not to carry radios, tape recorders, transistors, CD players etc inside the sanctuary.
  12. No article, material or object shall be carried out from inside the WLS.
  13. The provisions of Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 shall be strictly enforced.
  14. Fines may be imposed by the management for contravention of the rules. 
  15. Wilderness zone should not be opened to tourists