Do's & Dont's


  1. No collection of anynon wood forest produce is allowed inside the sanctuary area being protected forest
  2. No lease is sanctioned in the sanctuary area.
  3. As the sanctuary area is fenced near the habitations so no grazing and firewood collection is allowed
  4. any feeding to wild animals by visitors or avoiding any close inter-phase. 
  5. Do not smoke and tease wild animals.
  6. Do not carry fire arms/ammunition and litter in the forest.
  7. Do not play music or honk (vehicle horn).
  8. Do not carry polythene/plastic bags or feed eatables to wild animals.
  9. Do not pluck the flowers or harm the plants.
  10. Do not deviate from the designated trek route and always remain in group during trekking. No kid should be left alone as the sanctuary is having leopard presence.
  11. Visitors not to be allowed to carry arms or other weapons which can be a danger to wildlife.
  12. Poaching is strictly prohibited 
  13. No shooting, hunting and teasing of wild animals will be carried out.
  14. Carrying of Arms/ammunition is prohibited.
  15. No damage to flora will be carried out.
  16. Complete cleanliness will be ensured in the Sanctuary including inspection Huts/Rest Houses and its surrounding grassy lawns.
  17. No loudspeaker /Music system is allowed.
  18. Carrying of plastic bags and containers inside the Sanctuary is prohibited.
  19. Cooking food or lighting fire is strictly prohibited.


  1. Keep safe distance from wild animals.
  2. Photography & videography of nature and wildlife is permitted without making any noise.

Items allowed to be taken inside the Sanctuary

One can take the following items inside the sanctuary:

  1. Camera
  2. Binoculars
  3. Umbrella
  4. Stick
  5. Prepared food/ eatables
  6. Water bottle.