Chandigarh Forests

Department of Forest & Wildlife
UT Administration

Our Vision

The greening is an integral part of Urban Planning in UT Chandigarh. Tree plantation along avenues, open spaces, green belts around building complexes are the enthralling features of the city. UT Chandigarh has 47.56 area under Forest cover and another 10 area is under tree cover.

Actions followed by Chandigarh Forest to increase green cover in U.T. Chandigarh by all greening departments.

Implementation of plantation schemes

 Implementing this scheme is to provide a carpet of vegetation in open patches/hill tops to reduce soil erosion by planting/sowing of seeds.The works like plantation, patch-sowing & installation of chain link fencing etc.are being undertaken under this scheme.Department of Forests and Wildlife will be sowing 3,00,000 no. of seed of various forestry species on eroded hill slopes in Wildlife Sanctuary Area and blank patches of Reserve Forest Area to provide better habitats for Wildlife and to increase the Greenery of UT Chandigarh.

Forest Conservation & Development

The objective of this scheme is to reduce the silt inflow to Sukhna lake by carrying out various kinds of soil conservation works. The works like construction of silt retension dams, masonry check dams, spurs/revetments, desiltation of dams, construction of grade stabilizers, planting of live-hedge and opening of choe bed etc. are being undertaken under this scheme.Awareness generation programmes will be organized to sensitize the masses for protection and conservation of flora and fauna.

Preservation of Wildlife

Our Agenda is to protect, preserve and propagate the  wildlife of the area by creating & improving natural habitats and promoting water facilities by constructing water holes, provision of salt licks etc. In addition to this, the department is maintaining two animal rescue centres in Nepli and Kansal area. Animals are treated here and being released in the sanctuary area. To increase mobility of the staff and for effective implementation of the provisions of the Wildlife (Protection) Act,1972, communication network is being developed. The works like raising of water holes, suppression of lantana/ pathenium etc. are being undertaken.  Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary is free from the menace of lantana.

Encourage Urban Forestry

Urban Forestry is an integral part of city planning and development. Urban forestry advocates the role of trees as a critical part of urban infrastructure. There is no direct dependency of people on Forest for their livelihood.Chandigarh Forest Department has come up with a unique idea of collecting mango seeds from the residents. This is an effort to involve people in the plantation drive and in our endeavour to save the environment. Such initiatives will enhance the sense of belongingness of people towards mother earth. New establishment of Herbal Gardens in Schools, Colleges and other Institutions.Awareness generation programmes will be organized to sensitize the masses for protection and conservation of flora and fauna.Replacement of dead, dying and diseased trees in urban areas.The Greening Action Plan 2019-20, which also includes list of major avenue tree Species of Chandigarh.

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