Urban Forestry

Chandigarh is a modern city and forestry in Chandigarh is different from traditional practices of Forestry in many ways. Urban forestry advocates the role of trees as a critical part of urban infrastructure. From management point of view, the Forests in Chandigarh may be categorized in Wildlife Sanctuary Area and City Reserved & Unclassed Forests Areas.

The objective of management of forests in sanctuary area is to conserve the Soil & Moisture in the Catchment of Sukhna Lake and to improve the Wildlife habitat inside Wildlife Sanctuary (WLS) and Reserved & Unclassed Forests of Chandigarh are to maintain and improve the greenery in the city, providing Ex-Situ Plant Research Areas


In urban forestry providing various recreational avenues to the citizens, such as NagarVan, Shivalik Arboretum, Butterfly Park, Peacock Park, City Bird Sanctuary, Botanical Garden etc. One of these creations is “NAGAR VAN- CITY FOREST”

City forests has been established under Nagar Van Udyan Yojana, which is an urban forestry scheme of Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change. It was inaugurated on 24th April, 2018 by the Administrator of U.T. Chandigarh Sh. V.P. Singh Badnore. Maximum efforts have been made to keep this area natural without disturbing the natural habitat of existing fauna. The forest department has made a lot of efforts in order to develop the Nagar Van which is indeed commendable and deserve appreciation.

Before the development of City forests, this part of lake forest was considered as degraded forest. Maximum area of forest was submerged in the sewage water .Due to sewage water stagnation valuable tree species were dried up and also posing threat to the valuable flora and fauna of this region.

To protect the flora and fauna, forest department decided to treat the sewage water through the traditional method. Department surveyed the area and channelized the stagnated sewage water into shallow water bodies. Natural cleaning materials like iron ores, rice straw, gravel etc has been put inside the channel constructed to channelize the water.After passing through the cleaning process, bio-purified water stores in shallow water bodies further which is use to irrigate the area. Now aquatic life is flourishing in these shallow water bodies.CPCC also tested the water samples and results shows that there is appreciable reduction in the BOD and COD levels in treated water as compare to untreated water near the inlet point.

  • Nature Trail
  • Sitting Benches
  • Interpretative Signages
  • Rain Shelters
  • Meditation Huts


Near City Forest

  • After the creation of Chandigarh, as per Punjab Reorganization Act, 1966, this area was transferred to Union Territory of Chandigarh.
    Chandigarh Administration closed the brick Kilns, in late 1980’s and area was kept as land bank to be used in lieu of Forest Land Diverted for Non-forestry purposes. Possession of 12.35 acres of this area, near I.T park was handed over to the Forest department during the year 2000-2001 in lieu of diversion of forest land elsewhere in the city, with a mandate to do afforestation.
  •  When Forest Department took possession of this land, it was completely a barren land, as the top soil was used for a long period for preparation of bricks. A challenging and cumbersome task was endowed to the Forest Department, to create a green belt in this barren area.Forest Department took this challenge with high spirit and motivation.Extra efforts were put by the officials and variety of plants suitable to this site was planted during 2000-01 & onwards.
  •  As a result of dedicated and sincere endeavour of the Forest Officials once a barren land, is now a Green Belt which has been named as City Forests. More than 40 species of trees are growing in this area. This forest is a paradise for morning & evening walkers & Storehouse of fresh oxygen & relaxing place for the I.T. professionals.

Visitor's Attractions in City Forests

Nagar Van- City Forest

Nagar-Van is opened for public last year by Chandigarh administration.It is spreading over a sprawling 100 hectares and situated near the Heart of city beautiful i.e.sukhna lake.It has been established under Nagar-van udyan yojana,which is an urban forestry scheme of ministry of environment,forests & climate change.

Facilities at City forest

To attract the visitors many facilities like earthen tracks, shallow water bodies, open air gym, kids play section, Meditation Hut, public convenience etc. has been provided.Natural looking wooden benches has been made by using dead and dry trees and placed along the tracks.

Forest as habitat

Nagar Van is part of Lake Forest which provides ideal habitat to the vast variety of flora and fauna. Visitors can easily spot Sambhar (Rusa unicolor), Chittal (Axis axis), Neelgai (Blue bull), Wild Boar etc. moving
along the walking trails.Jackal, Indian civet, Porcupine,Common mongoose etc. also found in this forest area.

Reptiles at City Forest

Reptiles including snakes like Cobra, Rat snake, Common Krait, Russell’s viper, Indian python and common monitor (Gho) also present in this area.

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