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About us

Chandigarh Forests

Chief Conservator of Forests & Chief Wild Life Warden is the Head of the Department. There is one post of Conservator of Forests & two posts of Deputy Conservator of Forests viz. Deputy Conservator of Forests [Headquarter/Wildlife] & Deputy Conservator of Forests [Botanical Garden & Nature Reserve].

Deputy Conservator of Forests is the Head of Office and Drawing & Disbursing Officer. There are two posts of Sub Divisional Soil Conservation Officers [gazetted], 2 Range Officers, 1 Deputy Ranger, 08 Foresters and 14 Forest Guards. The total strength of the department including Ministerial staff is 38.

As Custodians Of Chandigarh’s Rich Biodiversity, The Forest Department Plays A Pivotal Role In The Preservation & Management Of The Region’s Flora & Fauna. At The Helm Of This Noble Endeavor Is The Chief Conservator Of Forests & Chief Wildlife Warden, The Esteemed Head Of The Department.

The Organizational Structure Comprises Key Roles Such As The Conservator Of Forests & Two Deputy Conservators Of Forests, Specializing In Wildlife & Botanical Garden & Nature Reserve, With Additional Responsibilities As The Director, Minor Minerals. The Conservator Of Forests Serves As The Head Of Office & Drawing & Disbursing Officer, Overseeing The Seamless Functioning Of The Department.

Adding Strength To The Team Are The Sub-Divisional Soil Conservation Officers, Range Officers, Deputy Rangers, Foresters, & Forest Guards, All Contributing To The Effective Execution Of The Department’s Conservation Efforts. The Team’s Collective Dedication Ensures The Protection & Sustainable Management Of Chandigarh’s Natural Resources.

With A Total Staff Strength Of 52, Including Ministerial Personnel, The Department’s Commitment Extends Beyond Numbers – It’s A Pledge To Safeguard The Ecological Balance, Uphold Biodiversity, & Foster A Harmonious Coexistence Between Nature & The Community. Every Member Of The Team Contributes To The Realization Of This Vision, Making Chandigarh A Green Heaven For Generations To Come.

Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary
Lake Reserve
Sukhna choe Reserve
Brick kiln Manimajra
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