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Botanical Garden


A place where plants are grown and displayed for the purposes of research and spreads over 176 acres of land. It was inaugurated by Gen. (Retd.) S.F Rodrigues, former Governor of Punjab and Administrator of U.T. Chandigarh.


Chandigarh, the ‘City Beautiful’ situated in the foothills of Shivaliks is blessed with a climate that is suitable to accommodate number of species of flora of different climatic regions. Purpose of setting up a botanical garden to conserve the flora of the region as well as those exotic and near extinct species.It is a place where plants are grown and displayed for the purposes of research and education.

This section has a collection of around 100 cactispecies. This section is spreading over an area of 10 acres. A polycarbonate
house has been made in whichvarious cactus verities collected from the Regional Plant Resource Centre have been planted.

Built in the form of Lotus with 25 sub compartment, the aquatic section spreads over an area of 0.30 acres.More than 15 exotic as well as rare aquatic plants species have been planted in this section

This botonical garden is divided into different sections.

More than 100 species of medicinal & herbal plants have been planted in medicinal plants nursery & in various plants specific plots

In our country there are various forests which are presumed to be protected by some Deity or Local God. Sacred Grove Section developed in the form of a Cosmic Tree-‘ the Sarva Dharma Variksha’. This cosmic tree has 11 branches & each branch represents a specific religious vatika.

This section spreads over an area of 3 acres. As the name suggests, this section has a collection of more than 20 tree species, fruit of which are fit for human consumption.

This section spreads over an area of 9 acres. In this section ficus genus, ranging from wild varieties to the cultivars have been planted

An area of about 3 acres has been allocated to this section. The Collection includes rare plants from India & abroad.

Spreading over an area of 25 acres this section has a collection of around 14 pine species or related conifer species. Though most of the conifer species prefer temperate conditions but an attempt has been made to familiarise the visitors with a few conifers species by growing them in this tropical region.

Planted along two seasonal nallahs passing through the garden with more than 22 species of Bamboos.

Spreading over an area of 5 acres of land. Various features of Japanese Garden such as dry river, bridges, lawns etc. have
been developed.

Spreading over an area of 7 acres, this section has a collection of 20 species of palms & Cycads.

This section is developed over 2 acres of land. It consists variety of Bulbous plants of this region like –Gladiolus, Dafodil,
Nargis, Lillium, Iris etc

Attractions of Botanical Garden

Every day more than thousand persons visit the garden. Besides these Botany students also visits this garden for updating their
knowledge and to get information about the flora.

Botanical Garden offers many facilities for the visitors.

Above facilities work for the setting up of Interpretation Centre is also under progress.

Recently fern house has been established inside the botanical garden for the conservation of ferns.

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