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Refund Policy for Chandigarh Forest Department Website (

  1. Eligibility for Refund:
    • End users who have booked permits on the Chandigarh Forest Department website are eligible for a refund under the following circumstances:
      • If the user has not visited the forest on the booked date.
      • In the event of a booking for the wrong date.
  2. Refund Process:
    • Upon verification with the gate entry records, eligible users will receive a refund of the booking amount.
    • The refund process will be initiated within 5-7 days from the date of the refund request.
  3. Verification Process:
    • Refunds will be processed based on gate entry records to confirm non-attendance on the booked date.
    • In the case of booking for the wrong date, users are required to notify the Forest Department for verification.
  4. Refund Amount:
    • The entire booking amount, excluding any conveyance fees, will be refunded to the eligible user.
  5. Refund Notification:
    • Users will be notified via email or the contact information provided during the booking process upon the approval and initiation of the refund.
  6. Refund Contact Information:
  7. Policy Updates:
    • The Chandigarh Forest Department reserves the right to modify or update the refund policy. Users will be notified of any changes through the official website.
  8. Cancellation Policy:
    • Please note that cancellations made after the visit to the forest on the booked date will not be eligible for a refund.

By using the Chandigarh Forest Department website and booking permits, users agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this refund policy.

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