Chandigarh Forests

Department of Forest & Wildlife
UT Administration


Messages from Chief Conservator of Forests, U.T Chandigarh

Forests are essential to life on earth. They are home to many species, from large mammals to many micro-organisms. The goods and services provided by forests are beneficial to humans in many ways such as economically, health-wise, emotionally or socially. After Oceans, Forests are the world’s largest storehouse of carbon – thus known as carbon-sinks. They contribute in climate change mitigation, absorbing carbon dioxide from atmosphere and store them in wood, leaves and soil and produce oxygen for people to breath. They have an important role in Global Water Cycle, as well.

Realizing these facts, greening has been made the integral part of Urban Planning in UT Chandigarh. The City with 46% of forest and tree cover, two Wildlife Sanctuaries, green belt on the periphery as well as criss-crossing the length and breadth of the city speaks volume of visionary approach of the planners and active implementation and execution of the plan by various stakeholders.

The Green Gems of the City like Shivalik Arboretum, Butterfly Park, Peacock Park, City Forests, Botanical Garden & Nature Interpretation Centre are significantly contributing to the greenery of the City Beautiful, making it more green and beautiful.

T.C Nautiyal, IFS

Chief Conservator of Forests, Chandigarh Administration, Union Territory, Chandigarh

  • Friends, this is just a beginning and I hope that the Forest Department, Chandigarh along with all the stakeholders and most importantly the citizens of the City who are deeply connected with the nature and environment will further achieve the desired output and conserve these invaluable natural resources for posterity. In this, I seek your cooperation and continued support.
  • I take pride in sharing that the committed team of Forest Department, Chandigarh will leave no stone unturned to preserve the flora and fauna of this UT. The diligence and commitment being displayed at present, will continue in future as well to make this UT Chandigarh a healthy home to live in, both for the humans as well as other creatures.
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