Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary Permit

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  1. The permit is not-transferable.
  2. No shooting/hunting and teasing of wild animals shall be carried out.
  3. Carrying of Arms/Ammunition is prohibited.
  4. The permit is not for use of Kansal Loghut/ Nepli Inspection Hut. It is only for visiting other areas of Wildlife Sanctuary.
  5. No littering will be allowed in the premises of Inspection Hut/ Rest House, its surrounding grass lawn and other parts of the sanctuary.
  6. Smoking/Lighting campfires is prohibited.
  7. No Loudspeaker/ Music System are allowed.
  8. Carrying of Polythene/ Plastic Bags is prohibited.
  9. Cooking is prohibited.
  10. Consumption of Alcohol and non-vegetarian food is prohibited.
  11. Parking fee for buses in the Sanctuary shall be deposited in this office.
  12. Visit is at permit holderā€™s risk.
  13. Beware of Leopard.
  14. Do not leave children alone.
  15. In case of Leopard sighting, inform Forest Officials.
  16. Timing between 9:00 AM to 05:00 PM.
  17. Closed on all National Holidays.
  18. Follow all doā€™s & donā€™t of Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary displayed at the entry gate.
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