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Important Note:

  • This application format individually (not in group)
  • It is an urgent to note that Nature Bird Walk will be conducted on ā€˜First Come First Serveā€™ basis and maximum 50 Nos. would be registered for the event and they will be informed by email before the date of event. After that no claim will be entertained if applicantā€™s name does not appear in the confirmed participantā€™s list. The date for registration for next Nature Bird Walk shall start from the next day of the last event as per Calendar i.e. for 16th September Nature Bird Walk, the registration shall start from 20th August, 2018. Any registration/email before 20th August, 2018 for 16th event shall not be entertained.
  • During Nature Bird Walk, in case if there will be any casualty due to health problem, department will not be responsible for this.
  • Person with disease or heart patients shall undertake Nature Bird Walk of this route at his/her own risk. Those with problem in walking are also advised not to participate in this event.
  • In case of bad weather, the event may be cancelled.


  • Keep safe distance from wild animals.
  • Photography/Videography of nature and wildlife.
  • Be watchful during Trekking as the Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary has reported few Leopard population.


  • Do not smoke.
  • Do not tease wild animals.
  • Do not carry fire arms/ammunition.
  • Do not feed wild animals and d not litter in the forest.
  • Do not make noise and do not play music.
  • Do not honk (vehicle horn).
  • Do not carry polythene/plastic bags.
  • Avoid use of flash while taking snaps.
  • Do not deviate from the designated trek route.
  • Do not pluck the flowers and do not harm the plants.
  • Consumption of non-vegetarian food is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not wear perfumes.
  • Always remain in group during trekking. No kid should be left alone as the sanctuary is having leopard presence.


  1. Please assemble at Nepli entrance gate (near Saketri Mahadev Mandir) Ā½ hour before the startingĀ  time of trekking.
  2. Please do not wear colour clothes as it generally disturb wild animals.
  3. For better sighting of wild animals, it is advisable that no noise should be created while trekking and trekker should keep his ear & eyes open so as to sight wild animals.
  4. If any wild animal comes across while trekking, then the wild animal should not be disturbed and trekkers should watch the movement of the wild animals without disturbing them. Wild animal will automatically try to escape. Do not stare or make eye to eye contact with wild animals.
  5. Always remain in group during trekking. No kid should be left alone as the sanctuary is having leopard presence.
  6. The Trekkers will be divided in groups with Group Leader whose responsibility shall be to ensure that all group members are trekking together and no one should move or leave the designated trekking route for the safety of the trekkers.
  7. Trekkers are advised to keep sun glasses and caps for comfort.
  8. It is advisable not to take small kids may be less than 10 years age for trekking.
  9. Trekkers are also advised to keep haversack Bag/ Backpak/ Hiking Bag and alteast one litre of water bottle should be kept in the bag as there is only one point in the mid of the trek where water shall be made available by the Forest & Wildlife Department. They are also advised to keep some Chocolate or other light eating material with high calorie.

Trekkers are also advised not to throw the plastic bottles or any other waste in the Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary while trekking.

Note: Please print this form .Ā 

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