Messages from Conservator of Forests (In-Charge), Chandigarh Administration, Union Territory, Chandigarh

  • Forests are blessings for all forms of life on this planet be it humans, animals and birds. Earth is the only planet to inhabit such a diverse variety of the same all across the globe.
  • These forests are beneficial for umpteen reasons be it medicines, food, shelter for mankind, tertiary needs of society and primary source for industries. The survival of humankind on this planet is closely linked to well-being of forests.
  • Forests are a home to varieties of flora and fauna thawing in vast spaces.
  • Forests are intertwined to basic survival of human on the planet be it maintaining the groundwater, temperature of the cities, good quality of air etc.
  • Forests have an unsaid symbiotic relationship with its flora and fauna and which in turn has diversity in the ecosystem.
  • The importance of forests is of paramount for human and its living.
  • The plantation targets and strategy to further enhance the green cover of Chandigarh.
  • In a recent report of India State of Forest Report (ISFR), 2021 shows that the Green Cover of UT Chd. has increased to more than 50%. The total increase in Green Area in UT Chd. in last two years in 4.25% which is a remarkable achievement.
  • The Green Gems of the City like Shivalik Arboretum, Butterfly Park, Peacock Park, City Forests, Botanical Garden & Nature Interpretation Centre are significantly contributing to the greenery of the City Beautiful, making it more green and beautiful.
  • I am sure this year also the planned and strategic targets fixed in the greening action plan will significantly contribute to the greenery of the City Beautiful.
Arulrajan P. IFS
Conservator of Forests (In-Charge), Chandigarh Administration, Union Territory, Chandigarh
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