Messages from Deputy Conservator of Forest, U.T Chandigarh

  • Forest and trees play a vital role in the life and culture of the people. Forests are intimately linked with our culture and civilization and are useful to us in many ways.Trees provide a wide range of the environmental, social, economical and cultural benefits and services to mankind. It is our moral duty to contribute towards greenery by planting at least one sapling during every monsoon season.
  • With a commitment to provide its citizens a clean & green City, Department of Forests & Wildlife has undertaken multifarious activities related to soil and moisture conservation, afforestation & restoration of Biodiversity, Wildlife Management, Forest Protection, Establishment of Botanical Garden, Awareness Generation.

To fulfill its endeavours, following are being undertaken:

  • Plantation and regeneration of the forest areas by undertaking afforestation works, seed-sowing etc.
  • Maintenance of fire lines and constant patrolling to check and control forest fires.
  • Soil and moisture conservation measures like construction of silt retention dams, check dams, spurs and revetments.
  • Implementation of the project of restoration of bio-diversity by manual removal of invasive weeds.
  • Rescuing poisonous snakes along with wild animals/mammals [on 24×7 basis] like Sambar, Porcupine, Monkey, Bats, Bijju, Eagle, Owl, Peacock, Neelgai, Common Monitor, Mongoose etc. and their consequent release in the Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary and tackling other wildlife issues in time bound manner for ensuring safety of man as well as wildlife.
  • Maintenance of Botanical Garden and City Forests in the city, which is an important part of urban forestry in the city.
  • Department also celebrates various forestry days like World Forestry Day, World Earth Day, World Environment Day, Vanmahotsav, Wildlife Week Celebration and organized monthly Nature Wildlife Trekking or Nature Bird Walk events and various other Plantation Drives in the city to inculcate the knowledge of plantation among the general masses.
Kaiyum sir
Dr, Abdul Qayum, IFS
Deputy Conservator of Forests Chandigarh Administration, Union Territory, Chandigarh
I extend my best wishes to all the people of Chandigarh for their laudable supports and efforts towards the conservation of the natural resources particularly greenery of the city. It is the duty of every citizen of Chandigarh to preserve and conserve this natural heritage for the future generations also. Together we can achieve the desired goal and further enhance the greenery of the City Beautiful.   Always in the service of the nature!  
(Dr. Abdul Qayum)
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